Workflow Properties

The workflow properties option enables users to configure various properties and controls of their workflows. These properties and controls provide flexibility and customization options for designing and managing your workflows in Cflow. 


Workflow Display Name

This property allows users to provide a name for the workflow which will be displayed to other users and administrators within the Cflow’s interface.

Workflow description

This description allows users to provide additional information or details about the purpose, objectives, or instructions related to the particular workflow which helps users to understand the workflow’s context and usage.

Benchmark hours

The benchmark hours refer to the estimated time required to complete the specific workflow enabling users to efficiently track and monitor the actual completion times of the workflows. 

Dashboard display field

This field can be used to specify a particular field or data element from the workflow that would be prominently displayed on Cflow’s dashboard. This field can be typically used to provide a summary or key information related to the workflow’s progress or status.


This property enables users to assign specific users as owners or administrators of the workflow. The assigned individuals will have the authority to manage and make changes to the workflow settings, stages, forms and other related components.


Enable clone

The cloning feature enables users to create a copy or clone of an existing workflow instance. This feature is helpful when the user wants to initiate a similar workflow based on the previous one, with some minor modifications.

Reset status on reject

When the user enables this control, the workflow resets to the previous state if a task or stage within the workflow is rejected. This is especially useful for restarting or reevaluating a workflow from a specific checkpoint when a rejection occurs.

Enable attachment

This feature allows users to attach documents or files to the workflow. This feature is useful for supporting documentation, reference materials, or any other relevant files associated with the workflow. 

Enable file encryption

This feature ensures that any attached files or documents within the workflow are encrypted for security purposes. This helps protect sensitive information and prevents unauthorized access of files.