How do I quickly evaluate Cflow?

Cflow is a workflow automation software that helps automate business processes. Cflow is ideal for organizations that have departmental processes with multiple people providing information and approvals. To quickly evaluate Cflow, perform the following actions after you sign up:

  1. Import/Create Workflow – Start off your evaluation by first importing a pre-built workflow that is most relevant to your use case. This will automatically import the workflow and set you up as an approver in all stages. You may also create a brand new workflow from scratch by selecting the ‘+’ icon.


2. Create Request – Initiate a new request in your workflow from workflows page or by clicking the + icon from the dashboard -> My workflows page.

create request

3. Approve Request – Click on a notification in your dashboard and review the form details. Go ahead and approve to send the request to the next stage. You have been given access to that stage as well and you will see the request in your Dashboard.


4.  Invite Users – Invite your co-workers to try Cflow and approve a request. We will send an email invite once you fill in the basic details.


5. Customize Workflow – Once you have tried an end to end request, you can customize your workflow by clicking on the Control Center in the Admin menu.


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