How do I assign reviewers to a process stage in a workflow?

Cflow implements a role-based security model for workflow management. Each process stage is assigned to a Role in the workflow. Users assigned to that role are owners of the process stage. Multiple users can be assigned to a role.

To Assign the reviewer or role in a workflow, click on the process stage.

When you click on the “Reviewer/Role” dropdown, all the existing roles created are displayed. You can choose the appropriate role from the dropdown list.

Users assigned to that role can review the request in that stage.

  1. You can create a role from Admin -> Users, Roles and Permissions -> Roles.
  2. Give a name to the new role that you want to add (Ex: Team-Leader, Senior-Manager, etc.). You can assign users to a role while creating a flow. If you haven’t assigned users while creating a flow then after publishing the workflow you can assign users from Admin -> Users, Roles and Permissions -> Users or Roles.

After you create the role, you can click on the Users link to add users to this role.