How do I set the field attributes while designing a form?

Cflow supports a number of attributes for a field. Only four of these attributes are shown during the initial design in order to get the workflow up and running. Field name, field type, data type and option list values (valid values) are the field attributes. Click on the pencil icon as shown in the picture below to set the field attributes for the fields in the section.

form design

Field type determines the type of field to represent the data. Following field types are available in Cflow – textbox, checkbox, checkbox list, radio button, multi-line textbox, dropdown, ms dropdown (multi-select dropdown), HTML editor, file upload, URL, signature. Valid values can be mentioned related to the field type. For example, if you choose the field type that needs to have more than one option for the user to select, those values can be specified in the Option List Values. Field types like Checkbox list, radio button, dropdown, ms dropdown requires valid values to be filled in.

field prop

Data type determines the type of data that the user can enter in this field. Following data types are available in Cflow – alphabet + numeric + special character, alphabet, alphabet + numeric, numeric, alphabet + special character, number + special Character, decimal 2 digits, decimal 3 digits, decimal 4 digits, decimal 5 digits , identity , identity(3), identity (4), identity 5, integer, date, time, email, IP address.

  • Following are the special characters  used in Cflow ” ! # $ % & ‘ () * + , – . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~ ” .
  • Identity refers to an auto-generated serial number and start from 1001
  • Identity(3) refers to a running serial number and start from 001. Identity (4) and Identity (5) are similar and start from 0001, 00001.

Note: After the workflow is published, all changes to the workflow such as form designer, inserting new stages, additional rules have to be done in the Admin -> Workflows.