How do I set the conditions for a request to move from one stage to another?

The rules engine is the brain behind routing of requests and performing various actions in your workflow. A rule consists of one or more conditions. A condition can be written as a simple statement such as ‘Amount greater than 10000’ or ‘Manager Status equal to Approved’. You need to define a rule first and then specify the actions to be performed if the rule evaluates to True. To create a rule, click on the Automation button and click on Add New Rule button to specify conditions for the request to move from one stage to another. Multiple conditions can be added by clicking the Add Condition button. When specifying multiple conditions, you need to ensure correct usage of the “and “or” operator.

When a new request is submitted, the rule is evaluated.

You can specify the actions that need to be performed when the rule evaluates to true. Click on the Create Action button on the right side and select Move action. Select the stage that this request needs to be moved. Give a description to this action and Save. Given below is an example of a leave request that is sent to the HR Manager Review only after the approval of the Manager. The conditions that need to be specified in this scenario are shown in the image below. Only when the specified conditions are satisfied, the request will be moved to the selected stage.

When the rule is satisfied, you can configure other actions such as Email action so that email notifications are automatically sent to the reviewer. To configure an email action, click on Rules->Create Action->Select the action type Email.

Deleting Rules – An entire rule can be deleted by clicking on Grid Line in any of the rules, and then clicking on Delete Rule.