How do I edit the Stage Attributes?

To edit Stage attributes, go to Workflow Setup.

Workflow Setup->Select Workflow->Click on Process Stage


Setting Stage Display Name – The name of the stage is relevant to the role assigned as a reviewer. For instance, if you are assigning a Manager to review that stage, then specify the stage name as Manager Review.

Users and Reviewer List – Select the process stage and click on more actions. The Review Role must be chosen from the dropdown list. Only users that are assigned to the role can review the request in the process stage.

The Admin is given the reviewer role by default. The reviewer role can be changed, and the roles that are created by you are shown in the image below. The relevant role from the dropdown list can be chosen to review this stage.

stage-attrib review role

Assigning Users – The users you create are listed under Admin->Users. The users can be selected and the Edit button can be clicked to add users to the specified reviewer role. In the image below, users are assigned the manager role and then select the reviewer role as Manager.


Creating a New User – A new user can be added in Cflow by clicking the Add New User button and entering details of the user. In the image below, a new user is created and assigned to the manager role, and then the reviewer role is selected as Manager. Now the new user is assigned in a Manager role.


Create New Role – Go to Admin->Roles->Add New Role to create a new role.


Defining Status Values – Status values in Cflow are predefined and shown as tags. Existing status values can be removed and new values relevant to the stage can be added. New values can be added by typing the text and hitting the enter key on the keyboard, or with a comma. Predefined status values like New, Approved, and Rejected, are shown as tags. In the image below, you can replace predefined status values with Completed, Pending, etc.

stage-attrib status