How do I edit the Stage Attributes?

Click on the pencil icon in the process stage to edit the stage attributes.

stage edit

Stage Name – Ensure that the name of the stage is relevant to the role assigned as a reviewer. For example, if you are assigning a Manager to review that stage then specify the stage name as Manager Review or Manager.

Reviewer and Users List – In the process stage select the role from the dropdown. Only the users assigned to that role can review the request in that process stage.

The reviewer is an admin role by default. You can change the reviewer role and the roles that are created by you are shown here. Select the relevant role from the dropdown to review this stage. Click on the number to view the list of users assigned in that role.

assigned users

Assign User – Select the reviewer role from the dropdown and click on Assign User. All the users that are created by you are listed in the dropdown.  You can select the users and click on Save to add them to the specific reviewer role. Example: If you want to assign users in the manager role then select the reviewer role as Manager and assign users.

assign new

users assigning

Create New User – Select the Reviewer role from the dropdown and click on Assign User -> Create New User enter the user email id to create a new user in your Cflow account. Example: If you want to create a new user and assign the user in a manager role then select the reviewer role as Manager and create a new user. Now the created user is assigned in a Manager role.

create user

new user

Create New Role – In Reviewer, click on Create New from the dropdown to create a new role.

create new

Status Values – Status values are predefined and shown as tags. You can remove the existing status values and add new values that are relevant to the stage. Add new values by typing the text and hit the enter key on your keyboard or with a comma. Predefined Status Values – New, Approved, Rejected are shown as tags. For example, you can replace the predefined status values with Completed, Pending and so on.

reviewer status

Click here to know more about how to customize the form in Cflow.

Note: After the workflow is published, all changes to the workflow such as form designer, inserting new stages, additional rules have to be done in the Control Center.