How do I design a form in Cflow?

Form design with sections, fields, and tables in Cflow is super easy. The steps below guide you through form designing.

Form creation – The first step is to name your workflow and add the stages to your workflow. Now click on the Form Creation button.

Defining form fields – Once a form is created, the next step is to create fields. Fields are essentially individual lines of data that gather information. They are the building blocks of your form. To add a new Field, simply drag and drop from the Input Element to the appropriate section.

Rearranging fields – You can easily rearrange fields by selecting the field and dragging and dropping it to the desired location. Once the field is set, you can click on the field to set its attributes and provide additional validation.

To add a new section, drag the section under the Layout Element and drop it to the right.

Inserting a Table in your Form – The table section under the Layout Element may be dragged and dropped to the right to add a table. The main use of the Table Section is to add multiple items in a single request, for example, Items in an order or a bill of materials in a product. Multiple rows of data can be imported from an Excel sheet when initiating the request. The fields in the table section are displayed as shown in the image below.

Change look and feel in different stages – You may click on the Stages tab next to the Elements tab and select any of the stages. You may then rearrange the fields, resize them, or modify the attributes of fields for the selected stage.