How do I create a new role?

A particular position or status of a person in an organization is known as a role. Ex: Manager, Admin, Sales Executive. Users can be assigned to a role in the Users settings. One user can be assigned to multiple roles and one role can be assigned to multiple users.

From Admin -> Users, Roles and Permissions.

Click on Roles.


To create a new role, click on at the bottom right of the screen.

After creating roles, the roles are listed here along with the number of users assigned to a role and the number of workflows assigned to a role.

new role

Click on the number of users, the list of users that are added by you are shown here. You can select the checkbox of the users to assign them in a role and click on Save.

users assigned

Click on the number of workflows to see the workflow and stage where the role has access.

role access

Note: Ensure that the role is not assigned in a review role in any of the stages in a workflow. Reassign the reviewer for the stage before deleting the role.