Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cflow?

Cflow is a cloud based workflow automation software and a no code BPM that helps you to automate your business processes. Cflow is a modern workflow software specifically designed to streamline your business processes that helps to improve the efficiency and achieve your business goals quickly.

What kind of industries can use Cflow?

Cflow provides effective business solutions for the following industries – Construction, Finance, Healthcare, High Tech, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas. If you don’t see your industry here, send us an overview of your processes and we’ll be happy to discuss automation opportunities in your industry.

Who can use Cflow?

Cflow can be used by organization of all sizes. Cflow is ideally suited for small and medium businesses.

How much does Cflow cost?

Cflow is cost effective and has different plans and pricing to choose, based on the size and needs of your organization. Cflow monthly plans start from $5 per user. Check out our pricing page for more information on Cflow Plans and Pricing.

Where is Cflow hosted?

Cflow is hosted, safe and secure on the Amazon Web Services cloud. Cflow is hosted on multiple instances across different geographical regions.

Can I install Cflow on my servers?

Yes, Cflow is available on premise and can be hosted on your servers. The needs of your business are analyzed and the ideal hardware is recommended for hosting Cflow on your servers.

What kind of third party integrations are available in Cflow?

Cflow supports integration with Slack and Zapier. Slack can be used to receive notifications whereas Zapier can be used to integrate with 1000’s of third party applications. Cflow provides a REST API for easy integration with multiple applications.

Where is my data stored and who owns it?

All data is encrypted and stored safely in the cloud. Your data belongs to you and we respect your privacy. You can export your data anytime and request your data to be deleted permanently from our servers.

Is there any long term commitment with Cflow?

No, there is no long term commitment with Cflow. You pay as you go and you are free to stop your subscription at any point in time. You can export your data anytime and request your data to be deleted permanently from our servers.

Are there any extra charges to use your application?

No, you will not be charged any additional costs other than the costs you spend on the plans you have subscribed.

How do I cancel my Cflow Subscription?

You can cancel your account at any time by going to your Setup->Pricing Plans page and clicking on the cancel link.

Can I extend my Free Trial?

If you want to extend the 14 days Free Trial to explore the features of Cflow some more, then contact us through chat or email and we will be happy to help you out

Do you have a Partner reseller program?

Yes, we have a flexible partner program that caters to small and large VARs and is built on the grounds of trust and symbiotic growth. You can read more here –

What languages are supported in Cflow

The languages that are currently supported in Cflow are English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. If you don’t see your preferred language, send us an email and we’ll be happy to add it for you. The application is defined in English by default.

Is Cflow Platform-dependent?

Cflow is built from the ground up as a cloud-based multi-tenant application and is platform agnostic. Cflow is supported in the following browsers: Google Chrome 49.0+, Firefox 61.0+, Internet Explorer 11.0, Internet Explorer Edge 17.0+.

We also have a Mobile App for Android and iOS to make it easy for users to access Cflow on the go.

Is there any size limitation for an individual file in a Cflow Request?

Cflow allows administrators to specify the maximum file size for attachments. The maximum file size is limited to 20 MB, so you cannot upload an individual file that is more than 20 MB.

Are there any storage limits for the total attachments in my account?

Cflow provides a maximum storage of 30 GB per customer. This applies to all attachments and files uploaded as part of your workflow requests. You can purchase additional storage space by sending an email to our support ( support at

What is the best way to get support?

We have an exclusive support team to provide support to our customers. You can click on the support button inside Cflow Application to raise support tickets and manage your support queries.

Where can I read your terms of service?

Click here to know more about our terms of service