How do I add the users to teams?

A team is a group of individuals working together in an organization to achieve a goal. Ex: Marketing Team, IT Team, Admin Team. Click on the Admin -> Security from the left menu. In the Security settings, Click on the Teams. Click on the ‘+‘ at the bottom of the page to create a new team. Specify the name of the team and click on save.


Click on the number of users to view the users in this team. Select the users and save to add the users to this team.


Follow the below guidelines to set the access permissions for My Team:

From Admin, click on the Security Settings ->Access Permission, select the role to set the View/Edit permission. In workflows permission, select the stage and specify the View and Edit Permissions as My Team so that the selected user(approver) and user’s Team can view and edit the form in the selected workflow. Click on save to save this configuration.

team permission


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