Where can I see the imported workflows and lookups?

Cflow has a predefined workflow library for the most common workflows. You can import these workflows and customize to suit your business needs. If you are an Administrator, you can import the prebuilt workflows from Add Workflow menu option in the Cflow mobile application. You can also create your own workflow from scratch if you are using the Cflow web application. You can access the imported workflows from the Workflows List menu option in the Cflow Mobile App. Click here to know more about how to create a new workflow and how to import a new workflow.

Click on the menu icon at the top left -> Workflows list to view the workflows and Lookups. In Workflows List, you can access the workflows to know more about the status of the requests that has been submitted and also update the status of the request if the request is waiting for your review. Click on the Details button to view the request details in the form page. Click on the down arrow at the top right to change the process stages. Click on the + icon at the bottom right of the page to initiate a new request.

Lookup (Master table) in Cflow is used to automatically populate the field values in a workflow based on the values entered in another field. Lookup saves time and eliminates manual entry of data in a workflow. Lookups are primarily used for filling in employee details, product details, customer details and so on.

Click on the Lookups -> Details button to view more details about the lookup. Click on the + icon at the bottom right of the page to create a new entry in the lookup. You can create a lookup and configure the lookup condition in the control center in the Cflow web application. Click here to know more about how to create a lookup and how to configure the lookup condition.

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