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Lookup field

A lookup field is a type of form field that allows users to select a value from a predefined set of options retrieved from another data source or table. It enables users to search and select a value, which is then associated with the field in the form. 

Lookup configurations

The lookup configurations involve several options that work together to define the behavior and functionality of a lookup field. 


  • Description: The description allows you to provide a label or brief explanation for the lookup field to help understand the purpose of the field within the context of the form.
  • Lookup From: This option specifies the data source from which the lookup field retrieves its available options. It can be a table or external data source where the options are stored.
  • Populate Table: The populate table option determines the destination table in which the selected value from the lookup field will be populated.
  • Match Criteria: This allows you to define the conditions for filtering the options displayed in a lookup field. It involves the use of different components such as the lookup field, operator, workflow field, and action to create specific matching conditions.
  • Populate the Field: This option specifies the field in the destination table where the selected value from the lookup field will be populated. It determines the corresponding field that will store the value associated with the selected option.