How do I delete a workflow?

You can delete a workflow in Cflow when the workflow is not in use. Click on the Control Center from the left menu, Active workflows are shown by default.  You can turn off the toggle in a workflow this makes the status of the workflow to Deleted if you do not want the workflow to be used anymore. Once a workflow is deleted, users will not be able to see in the dashboard page (or) Workflows page. You can set the status to active at any time from Deleted Workflows if you want to use the workflow again.

active new


  • All Workflows – Both Active and Deleted workflows are shown here.

all new

  • Active Workflows – Workflows that are currently being used and users have access to these workflows.

active new

  • Deleted Workflows – You can set the status of Deleted workflows to active if you want to use the workflow again.

deleted workflow

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