How do I configure the rules engine in Cflow?

You can define rules in each process stage of the workflow where you can specify various actions (Move data to process stage, Set field values, Trigger new process, Call External API, send notifications via SMS, send notifications via email).

  1. Select Admin -> Workflows.
  2. Click on a workflow.
  3. Click on the Workflow Stages and select the process stage.
  4. Click on the Rules -> Add Rule to specify rules.
  5. After adding rules click on Add New action to perform actions when the rules are satisfied.

    List View of Workflow Stages :

Rules config

Note: You can also customize the workflow stages view by clicking the Flowchart view button on the top right corner. This shows all the workflow stages in the form of flowchart. Click on the initiator/reviewer stage and all the relevant menu options are shown on the left side.

Flowchart view of Workflow Stages:

stage config

rules settings

Specify the Rule Name for your reference. Now you can perform multiple actions on a single condition.

You can specify the rule conditions based on the field values. If you need to specify a table field in the conditions, select the table from the dropdown ‘Is this table condition‘. You may add multiple conditions by clicking the Add New button. When multiple conditions are specified, ensure you use the right operator (and, or). You can also use the open and close brackets to group your conditions. These conditions will be evaluated when a new request is submitted.

If the specified conditions are satisfied you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Move – Select the action type ‘Move’ and select the appropriate process stage if you want the request to move to a new stage. If the specified conditions are satisfied, the request will move to the selected process stage. It is necessary to specify the move condition to move the request to further stages. Click on Save to save this configuration.

For example, let’s say that if the Manager has approved a request, then the request has to move from Manager to Department Head Review stage. In such a case, you can specify the conditions as shown in the picture below.

move action

move next