How do I automatically assign approvers to a workflow?

Approval Matrix in Cflow helps you to automatically assign approvers to a workflow from a Lookup (Master table). You can assign the approvers by mapping specific fields and populate the field values of approvers in the approver fields. The approver matrix is useful when there are a number of approvers in a workflow and the approvers change based on certain values in the fields. For Example, the approver matrix may be defined by a combination of initiator, department and so on.

For Example, When the employee from a Production department is initiating an asset purchase request based on the department hierarchy the approvers are assigned automatically. Here the approval matrix is defined by the department, approvers of the respective department are assigned based on the value of the department field.

You can configure a specific user as an approver in a specific stage by creating named approver fields in your workflow. To create a named approver for a specific stage turn on the toggle Enable Named Approver. If you want to create named approver field in all the stages then turn on the toggle Perform this action in all stages. This will create a named approver list in your workflow. Click here to know more about user-based approval.

You can configure the Lookup (Master table) table to assign approvers automatically in a workflow as shown below.

Click on Workflows from the left menu to access Lookups.

matrix config

When the department is selected, the approvers are assigned automatically from the Lookup (Master table) in a workflow as shown below.

workflow matrix

You can configure the lookup conditions in the Admin -> Workflows.
Select a workflow and click on Lookups.
Follow the below steps to populate the approver field values as shown. When you map the department field between the Workflow and Lookup (Master table), automatically the field value of approvers are populated based on the department.

approval matrix