Can I import from Excel into a table section in a workflow?

Yes, you can import field values from Excel to Cflow. In a workflow, if you have a table section, you can either enter the values manually or if you have the data in Excel, click on the Import icon in the table section to import a table from Excel. Ensure the columns in the Excel file exactly matches with the table columns. Verify that the first row in the Excel file matches with the table column names. You can import only 200 line items at one time. In an Excel file, it is not necessary to add a serial number column. Cflow automatically adds a serial number when you are importing line items from Excel. Turn on the Print table toggle to print the table section when it is downloaded as a pdf or word document.

If you are entering the data manually, click on the Add Row button to add rows in a table. Select the checkbox and click on the delete icon to delete a row.

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