Benefits of using Cflow Mobile Application

The Cflow Mobile App is specifically built to provide easy access to the application. All you need is an internet connection on your device to access Cflow. You can use the mobile app anywhere any time. Following are the benefits of using Cflow Mobile App:

  • Receive push notifications and instant updates in the mobile app when the requests come to you for review. You can provide timely approvals and the work is carried out without any delay and the requests move to the next stage for approval.
  • Initiate a new request at any time and submit for approval.
  • Track the current status of the requests and get to know the process stage where it is still waiting for review.
  • Import the prebuilt workflows that are most important to your business.
  • Easy access to the requests with the inbuilt QR code scanner in the Cflow mobile application. Just scan the QR code in the custom pdf document to access the request directly.
  • Get insights into your process with the table report and share the report via email.
  • Attach necessary files in a request from your mobile or take a photo and