Advanced Clone

The clone functionality can be accessed from the advanced properties. This allows you to create a copy of an existing workflow. This feature provides options to clone the entire workflow either with or without the records associated with it.


Choose the workflow you wish to duplicate and access its properties. Look for the “Clone” option within the workflow properties to begin the cloning process. In the clone dialog box, you will have the option to select either “Clone with Records” or “Clone without Records.” 

Selecting the “Clone with Records” option will create an exact replica of the workflow, including all the existing records associated with it. This is useful when you want to replicate the entire workflow along with its data.

Opting for the “Clone without Records” option will create a copy of the workflow structure and settings but without any existing records. This is helpful when you need a clean workflow template without any pre-existing data.

Once you have selected the desired cloning options and made any necessary advanced configurations, confirm your choices and proceed with the cloning process. The system will create a new workflow based on your selections.

The workflow clone functionality in Cflow allows for efficient workflow replication, whether with or without existing records, providing flexibility and convenience for creating new workflows based on existing templates.