Click on the connector icon to specify the conditions for the request to move from one stage to another. You may add multiple conditions by clicking the Add button. When multiple conditions are specified, ensure you use the right operator (and, or).

These conditions will be evaluated when a new request is submitted.

define flow

For instance, imagine a leave request workflow where the leave request is sent to Senior Manager Review only after the approval of the Manager. In this case, the conditions you would specify the rule in the manager stage as shown in the picture below. The request will be moved to the next stage only if the specified conditions are satisfied.

flow rules

Email notifications will be sent automatically to the reviewer when the specified conditions are satisfied. You can configure the email conditions in the Admin -> Workflows. Select a reviewer stage and click on Rules -> Add an action -> Send Email.

You can delete the entire rule (connector line between the stages) by clicking on the Delete Rule button.

Note: After the workflow is published, all changes to the workflow such as form designer, inserting new stages, additional rules have to be done in the Admin -> Workflows.