Designing your form with sections, fields, and tables is easy in Cflow. Follow the below steps to design your form in Cflow.

  • Name your workflow

wflow name

  •  Click on Add Section to add a new section. Following are the four types of sections used in designing forms in Cflow – One Column, Two Column, Large Text area and Table Section. Select the section type, name the section and save.

section adding

A brief explanation of the sections, fields and tables are given below:

  • One Column section – You can choose one column section if you want to build a questionnaire or survey form as shown in the picture below.

one col section

  • Two Column section –  Choose the two column section to collect general information as shown in the picture below. Two column section is the most common section used in forms and hence the default.

two col section

  • Large Text area – Choose the large text area section if the information needs to be in a descriptive format for a field such as job description, request description, blog content etc., as shown in the picture below.

large text section

  • Table section – Choose the table section to organize information into rows and columns. Table section is used to capture multiple items in a single request. You can import field values from excel to the table when initiating the request. It displays the fields in a table format as shown in the picture below.

table section

  • Fields – Fields are individual lines of data that you want to collect. They are the building blocks of your form. To add a new field drag and drop from the toolbox to the section. Rearranging fields is easy, select the field you want to move and drag where you want to place. Set the field attributes to validate your data.

field type

Note: After the workflow is published, all changes to the workflow such as form designer, inserting new stages, additional rules have to be done in the Admin -> Workflows.