Yes, you can recall a record at any stage. Following are the scenarios where might need to recall the request:

  • Let’s say if the initiator has submitted the request, but wants to make changes to some field values. In such a case, the initiator can recall the request back to herself if the request is waiting for approval in the next stage.
  • If a reviewer has approved a request but later realizes that she wants to review it again, she may do so by recalling the request.

Recalling a request is possible only if the request is waiting in the very next stage of approval. If the request has proceeded beyond the next stage, then the request may not be recalled.

Clicking on the Recall button in the stage inbox will display the records that can be recalled. Click on the Recall icon on a row will return the request back to the current stage. Now, you can make the necessary changes and submit the request to move to the next stages. Records can be recalled by the initiator as well as reviewer.

recall req

recall records

For example, imagine a situation where the employee has submitted the request and the request has moved to the next stage of Manager Review. Later the employee want to make changes in a request. In such a case, he can recall the request, make changes then submit again.