The Advanced tab in Cflow allows you to configure the approval stages within your workflow. The Approval Fields section provides options to define the status and comments associated with each stage. 


Status Section:

  • Name: This field allows users to provide a name or label to the status field which helps to identify the purpose or meaning of the status within the workflow.
  • Default value: Users can set a default value for the status field which is set by the user when the form is opened for the first time.
  • Display in Stage Inbox: This is a checkbox that enables the user to set the field to be visible in a particular stage.
  • Valid values: Users can specify valued values that can be selected for the specific stage. The valid values include “New,” “Approved,” and “Rejected.” Users will be able to choose from these options when updating the status.

Comments Section:

  • Name: This field allows you to specify a name or label for the comments field associated with the stage. It helps users understand the purpose of the comments section.
  • Checkbox (Visible/Invisible): Enabling this checkbox determines whether the comments field is visible or hidden for users in the stage.
  • Mandatory Field: Enabling this condition to Yes/No/Conditional Mandatory makes users provide comments before they can proceed with the workflow stage as per the requirement.