An API activity monitor is designed to track and monitor the usage and behavior of APIs within the software application or system. The API activity monitor in Cflow monitors and captures various aspects of API interactions such as requests, responses, endpoints, headers, and metadata. The user can use this feature to get insights on performance, usage patterns, errors, security vulnerabilities, and the overall health of APIs.



This API activity monitor in Cflow is a feature that can be accessed only by the admin users. It allows you to monitor the activities of APIs within the Cflow software application. When using the API activity monitor in Cflow, you can expect the following functionalities:

  • Capture of Input and Output Parameters: The activity monitor records the input parameters (such as request parameters or payload) and output parameters (such as response data) associated with API calls made within Cflow.
  • Date and Time Tracking: The monitor logs the date and time of each API activity, enabling you to track when specific API calls occurred.
  • Success and Failure Tracking: The activity monitor provides information on whether an API call was successful or encountered a failure. This helps in identifying any issues or errors that may arise during API interactions.

By leveraging the API activity monitor in Cflow, the admin user can gain insights into the performance and success rate of the APIs used within the system. This information is valuable for troubleshooting, identifying patterns, and ensuring the smooth operation of Cflow and its integrated APIs.