Video tutorial from Cflow team.

A Quick Video Tour of Cflow

Learn more about Cflow’s best features, how it can automate and be the most reliable BPM that could revolutionize your operations.

Workflow Creation

How to create a workflow

How to import a workflow from template

How to clone a record

How to initiate a request

Math Operation

How to display the total at the bottom of a table

How to perform arithmetic operations on fields

How  to perform string concatenation on fields


How to create a dashboard report

How to create table report

How to share a report

Field Properties

How to set a field as conditional read-only

How to set a field as conditional mandatory

How to set a field as conditional invisible

How to set field properties

How to hide a field in a certain process stage

How to re-order the fields in my form

Email & SLA Management

How to customize email notifications

How to set TAT (turn around time)

How to configure escalation emails

Security Settings

How to assign my tasks to a co-worker when I go on a vacation

How to Extend Roles

How to add a new user

User Settings

How to change my profile picture

How to change date format

How to add my logo

How to change my password

Process Flow

How to trigger a new request in another workflow

How to add an exception condition

How to do an auto-approval

How to do bulk approvals

How to add rules

How to bypass process stages

File Attachments

How to enforce file attachments

How to attach documents in a request

How to import from Excel Spreadsheets

Status of My Requests

How to view the status of requests that I approved

How to view all my requests