We are back with some important updates and enhancements – schedule actions, new lookups, etc. Click below to know more.

New feature – Schedule actions have been created which allows users to trigger new requests in a workflow periodically (monthly, yearly, and so on).

Clarification feature enhancement – The Clarification feature has been enhanced to show the Pending clarifications in the Dashboard notifications. When a user sends for clarification, the timer will pause until the clarification response is received back by the user.

New Menu Related– workflows and lookups have been added. This will group the referenced workflows and lookups together for easy identification.

Password policy– has been enhanced to include Upper Case letters.

Enhanced UX Help– to message by removing the Info (i) icon and showing the help text directly below the field.

The Field Validation Settings– have been enhanced by adding the Equal to (=) operator.

In both Cflow and Custom Cflow,– vulnerabilities can be checked and fixed using the application security report process.