It’s the end of 2022, and here we are with some exciting updates just for you! Check out our latest updates here:

➤ We have further simplified your signup process for Cflow by redesigning our “Cflow Sign-up Page” for a faster and more efficient process.

➤ You can now configure the “The Approval Popup” using a setting in the user profile page.

➤ Now you can pass the file field of workflow to the API call as an input parameter.

➤ Implemented External API named “File Mapping.” Now users can pass the file field as a parameter in the API call.

➤ The validation settings now support between operations for Integer, Decimal & Currency data types for main form fields.

➤ Concatenation operation in the URL field has been implemented.

➤ QR Code has been updated in the custom design document.

➤ The functionality of Improved Form and Table field validations has been implemented.

➤ New System Report – QR codes Report has been created for printing QR codes.

➤ Now we have the ability to change the Cflow files storage location in Google Drive for customers using Google SSO.

➤ You can now track all the previous comments in the Audit trail with a newly added comment function.

➤ QR Code email attachment has been fixed.

➤ Now you can import a signature image easily instead of signing using a mouse .