What is Cflow dashboard?

Dashboard is the first page in Cflow after you login. Following are the sections available in the dashboard:

Notifications – You will be notified when the request is waiting for your review. You can click on a request in notifications and review the request.

My Workflows – The workflows that you have access can be viewed here. You can view the total requests that have been initiated/reviewed by you and also the requests that are still in progress. Click on the workflow to view the records in the stage inbox. Stage inbox displays the records that are waiting for review in that particular stage.

Total Tasks and Tasks Completed Today – Total Tasks is the number of requests waiting for your review. Tasks Completed Today is the requests that you have reviewed for the day. Your performance percentage is measured based on the number of the task you complete for the day.

Reminders – You can view the deadlines (due days) for the requests in the Calendar view. This helps you to complete the tasks on time without any delay. You will view this reminder until you take an action on that request.

dashboard image

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