What can I see in the Cflow mobile application dashboard?

Dashboard is the first page in Cflow mobile application after you log in. Dashboard is a central location that provide easy access to the workflows so that users can take actions on the go. Following are the sections in the dashboard:

Total Tasks – Total Tasks is the number of requests waiting for your review.

Completed Today – Completed Today is the requests that you have reviewed for the day.

Pending Tasks – You will receive notifications instantly when a request comes to you for approval. Make sure to turn on the Allow Notifications on your device. In pending tasks, you can see the number of requests that are waiting for your review.

Performance – Performance percentage is displayed on the dashboard. Performance percentage is measured based on the average approval time. Cflow recognizes the work of your most valuable employees and displays their profile picture as a star performer. Click on the menu icon at the top left to view the star performers in your organization. This can boosts employee morale in your workplace.

Notifications -You will be notified when the request is waiting for your review. Pending tasks are the requests that are waiting for your review. Click on a request from the dashboard page to review the request. Click here to know more about pending tasks. You can see the workflow and stage along with the most critical information for this request. This critical field is configurable by the administrator in the Control CenterWorkflow Properties. Click here to know more about how to make a field to display in the dashboard page.

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