Product updates from Cflow – October 2023

Cflow brings you the following successful product transformation for this month.

Customer Features:

  • A new feature called “Flowchart Preview” has been added to the workflow stage creation page, making it easier to understand the flow of the stages.
  • On the automation page, a new feature called “Show Details” allows users to view a detailed breakdown of the selected rule.
  • A new role, “User Administrator,” has been created to grant access to the admin menus “Users” and “Roles” without providing full admin access.
  • In workflow forms, users can now view the HTML Editor content in a full popup window.
  • On the form creation page, a new feature called “Rearrange Table” has been added to the table section, allowing users to arrange the table fields easily.
  • In forms, users can now upload their signature image.
  • In the Workflow Setup page, the user can hide the table section based on the conditions.
  • Two currencies, SAR and VND, have been added to the currency field.
  • A sample template file has been added to the Excel import to provide a better end-user experience.
  • Unique validation has been added to the Excel import.
  • There are a few UI improvements.
  • Few bug fixes and performance improvements.