Product updates from Cflow – October 2022

Cflow is becoming a leading cloud-based workflow management and automation platform and we’re always working on new and exciting things. Check out our latest product updates here:

➤ A new “Report Clarification” option is added under the System Reports.

➤ A new feature named “Conditional Unique” has been added to the Unique property of fields.

➤ A configuration field named “current stage” has been added to the Dashboard reports.

➤ Submitted date with timestamps has been added to the Table reports.

➤ The current status report has been updated to make it more user-friendly – the column name “Currently Pending For” has been changed to “Days in this Stage.” Also, two new columns named “Clarification Pending With” and “Clarification Pending For” have been added.

➤ A new “Sync Users” feature has been added to the user screen to sync active users in the employee lookup. This helps admins to avoid manual entering of data in the employee lookup.

➤ External DB connection have been deprecated.

➤ You can now add clarification comments in PDF and Word Docs.

➤ An option to hide the approved comments in cases where there is no need for showing the comments on screen has been given.

➤ An update on no data images is made in the following screens -Dashboard Notification, Dashboard Report, Widgets, Teams, Delegates, and API Settings.

➤ TLS1.2 is Enforced in all the services.

➤ A small display formatting has been made to display decimal fields in the dashboard key metrics.

➤ Form designer properties filter now has a Generic Mask.

➤ New Workflow Summary page for each workflow gives a dashboard of workflow details. This is available on the workflows list page for Admins and Workflow owners.

➤ A new “Grouped Notifications” widget is given so that the notifications are grouped by workflow and stages on the dashboard for user convenience.

➤ Workflow versioning – When a new stage is added, newer versions are named _V2, _V3, and so on. Removed redundant NuGet Packages.

➤ Overall UI has been improved in the workflows and lookups page.