How do I track the flow of the request?

Keep track of the request flow and get to know the time taken in each stage of the request. Every request in a workflow that has been submitted moves through several stages. Request flow icon is visible by default in each stage, click on the request flow icon to view the time duration of the request.

view flow

Each stage has In Time and Out Time.

In Time – In Time indicates when the request has entered into that stage.

Out Time – Out Time indicates when the request has moved from that stage.

req flow

Mouse hover on the color box to view the In Time and Out Time.

You can also view whether the request has been approved less than a day, less than 1 hour and the total time duration and the number of days it has been waiting.

total duration

Request flow is an immediate report of the request and it is more useful when you can see the exact date and time. Scrutinize the slowest approvers to take action on the request adhering to a deadline.