How do I delete the section in a form?

You can delete the section when you are designing a form by deleting the fields within that section or by moving fields to another section in a form. After publishing the workflow you cannot delete the section but still, you can configure the status of the fields in a section to be inactive. Following are the scenarios where you may want to update the status of the section:

  • If you want the section to be no longer visible anywhere in a form then you can turn off the ‘Status’ toggle in all the stages in your form.
  • Sometimes you may want the section to be active in a specific stage and inactive in remaining stages in such a case select the stage where you want to make the changes and update the status by turning on/off the toggle. When you update the status of the section in any one of the stages will not change the status of the section in the remaining stages.

Follow the steps below to configure the status of the section to be inactive.

  1. Select Admin -> Workflows.
  2. Click on a workflow.
  3. Select the stage -> Form Designer.
  4. Click on the Edit section.
  5. Select the checkbox Status and turn off the toggle.

admin workflows

form sectionsection inactive

Note: If the section is inactive in the first stage (initiator stage) then you cannot use the fields from that section while performing operations (Arithmetic Operation, String Concatenation, Date Calculation and Time Calculation) and while configuring lookup conditions.