How can I configure Escalation emails?

Escalation Email can be configured based on any date field in your form. Escalation Emails are sent when the approver has not taken any action on the request and it has been waiting in the same stage for a long time. You can configure multiple emails and use it as a reminder email and escalation email. Turn the toggle Everyday if you want to receive the emails every day.

Manage your process effectively by configuring escalation emails that you may send to the manager regarding a delay in the action on a request and also alert the employee that the request that is waiting for approval has breached the deadline. The manager can take necessary action on the person and get to know the reason for the delay in approval. Delay in approvals affect your business productivity.

You can specify time based conditions as well as regular conditions in the Escalation Configuration.

  1. Select Admin -> Workflows.
  2. Click on a workflow.
  3. Click on the Workflow Stages and select the process stage. Click on the Escalation icon to configure the escalation.

List View of Workflow Stages:
escalation icon

Note: You can also customize the workflow stages view by clicking the Flowchart view button on the top right corner. This shows all the workflow stages in the form of flowchart. Click on the initiator/reviewer stage and all the relevant menu options are shown on the left side.

You can configure the Escalation and specify conditions in any of the process stages. The request in those process stages will be evaluated by the Escalation. Escalation Email notifications are sent only if the specified conditions are satisfied. You can set the conditions based on the field values. Turn on the toggle Email to send the notifications via email. Turn on the toggle SMS to send the notifications via SMS to the recipient’s phone number.

You can specify an explicit email id in the To field. If the email id is a field in your form, you could specify by selecting the field from the keywords list. If you select receiver from the keywords list, the system automatically identifies the recipients and sends the email. You may also use the CC and BCC options to copy and blind copy the email. You may use keywords in the Subject field to make it easy to identify.

The content of the email can be customized. You can change the look and feel as well as the formatting of the email using the various controls. You can add as many field values from your form to make it more useful for the reviewer. Field values can be referenced by selecting the appropriate keyword from the keywords list.

For instance, imagine a situation where the request is waiting for the Manager review and the SLA is two days. In such a case you might want to escalate to the Department Head Review if the request is pending beyond two days. You might also want to notify the employee to take action on the request as soon as possible.

The below screenshot illustrates that if the Manager has not approved within two days from the date of submission, email is sent to the Manager as a reminder email and escalated to the Department Head as an escalation email.

Escalation config
regular condition
escalation mail1
Escalation email2

escalation SMS