Click on the info icon to know more information about the Cflow mobile application. Following are the information that you can see in the App details page in Cflow mobile application:

You can see the actual app version that is installed on your devices. Update your Cflow mobile app when app updates are available so that you always use the latest version of the app. You can update the Cflow mobile application in App store for iOS users and Play store for Android users. Each update enhances the application and includes bug fixes, performance improvements and new features, to provide better user experience.

Users can request support from the Cflow support team based on the access permission configured by the Administrator. Support tickets are service requests that user creates when they encounter a problem with the Cflow application. Click on the Support Forum, login and choose Switch to Desktop to view your support tickets and raise new tickets. Click here to know more about Support.

Click on the Cflow Web app to view the Cflow web application on your mobile browser.

You can give a rating to the Cflow mobile application by clicking on Rate Cflow app. You can tap a star to rate, specify title and also add a review regarding your Cflow mobile app experience. App reviews help us improve the performance of the application and also provide better services.

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