Cflow is a no-code workflow automation software that provides a simple way to automate business processes and helps SMBs transition from running their processes on emails and spreadsheets to using automated applications that help increase productivity and reduce costs.

Getting Started with Cflow: Prerequisites

  • A Cflow account — you can create one at

Connecting Cflow to Make (Integromat)

  • To connect your Cflow account to Make you need to obtain the API Key, UserKey, UserName from your Cflow account


  • Navigate to Admin> API Settings>Copy API Key


  • Navigate to Profile =>API Key Copy UserKey that will be needed to connect Cflow to Make


Cflow (Trigger) to Other App [Google Sheet (Action)] Automation

  • Click Plus Icon and Choose Cflow => Under Triggers =>On Process Initiate


  • Click Add button Under WebHook to set up a new Webhook
  • Then Under Add a Hook Popup Form. Click Add Button to set up Connection


  • Enter API Key, User Key, Username which you copied in the first step from Cflow


  • Click Continue ==> Choose WorkFlow from Dropdown=> Choose Process from Dropdown which you want to Set up an instant trigger


  • Copy Webhook Address or URL and Click Ok


  • You will see refreshing MetaData on the bottom right which will load available fields/columns for Selected Workflow=> Process/Stage
  • Then we map returned columns/fields to Other App (say, Google Sheet) for Automation


  • Login with Your Cflow Account=>Go to Admin=>Select Webhooks which will take you to webhook configuration Page


  • Click Add Webhook Plus Icon on Bottom Right


  • Choose WorkFlow => Process=>Then Enter Webhook URL You copied in Integromat here and Click Save.
  • When you Create a record or initiate a Selected WorkFlow, it will send real-time data to Other App


  • Click Right Corner rounded Bubble from Cflow Trigger, which opens Other Bubble, click Plus select Other Apps[Say Google Sheet]


  • Click Add a Row


  • Map Columns of Cflow to Google Sheets Columns and Click Ok


  • Scheduling ON from Bottom Left will let Integromat know to automate data instantly from Cflow to Google Sheet as soon as initiation [record creation] is done in Cflow for the process we configured in webhook set up.


  • When a Record is initiated, as shown above, the Data is Automated and seamlessly moved to Google Sheet like below –


Other Apps to Cflow Automation

The below example shows the Automation from Other Apps to Cflow –

  • Trigger: Google Sheet, Action: Cflow
  • Click Google Sheet and click Watch Changes [Instant]


  • Click Save, Click OK


  • Click Save


  • Click OK after mapping required fields from google sheet to Cflow Fields


  • Click SAVE from bottom


  • Automating Data from Google Sheet to Cflow to Initiate Process