Product updates from Cflow – August 2022

Yes, we bring you regular updates and enhancements to simplify your work much more. Click below to know the exciting updates.

New System Report – Stage Performance Report added.

New Feature – Generic Mask has been added for display and validation. For example, you can specify masks as SSN, PAN, or Aadhaar.

Now Conditional properties– are applicable for Terms and Condition type fields as well.

Name-based approver– from text box field to Dropdown field and pre-populate Valid Values with #Login ID# has been enhanced to display valid users.

The Webhook page– status flag has been added.

The clarification feature– has been enhanced and improved the UX design as well.

Clarification Count– has been added in the left menu for easier identification of pending clarifications.

System Report– Current status report has the count in each stage.

The Record ID– can be used as a parameter in external API calls.

Cflow– has been updated to use the latest version of jQuery.