Typically the Admin user will be provided with the information on who has taken action on the request and when it has been approved or completed. Cflow provides the ability to view the location of the approver if the approver has taken action on the request using the Cflow mobile app. You can identify the place of the approver from where she has taken action on the request. Approver Location can be used for Customer Service and Client Visit Workflows where you want to ensure that the users performs an action at the client location. In this case, the Admin users would be able to validate that the user really visited the client location. This increases the level of authenticity and enhances the user experience.

Workflow may go through a sequence of process stages. You can select the specific process stage for which you need to know the location of the reviewer. You can configure the location tracking in the Admin -> Workflows -> Stage Properties as shown below.

For instance, you need to know the location of the reviewer who is in a Department Head Review process stage. In this case, you can turn on the toggle Location Tracking in that stage.

approver location

How does this work?

The reviewer should allow Cflow to access the location in Cflow mobile app. This permission shows up the 1st time the request is accessed in the Department Head Review Stage. Upon accepting, the system fetches the approver location details and shows it in the Approvals section of the form. Location can be viewed in both the Cflow web application and mobile app.
view location